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Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Addiction treatment centers can’t cope

Addiction is worse than ever: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020 was America’s deadliest year ever for drug overdoses.

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Revenue is dropping: On average, organization have lost 22.6% of their revenue during COVID-19
Mistakes are creeping in: According to the FDA, more than 95,000 prescription drug errors have occurred since 2000, mainly due to mistakes reading a handwritten prescription.
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It is affecting patients: In the last quarter of 2020, 68% of behavioral health organizations surveyed by the NCMW have had to cancel, reschedule, or turn away patients.
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And waiting times are growing: Almost half (45%) of behavioral health organizations surveyed by NCMW admit that their waiting lists have grown in the final quarter of 2020.

How Kipu Health Helps Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Built for the behavioral health community, by behavioral health experts, our single, software-based solution delivers tangible savings of time and money. Your substance abuse treatment center can enjoy a single solution that streamlines their operations to provide better care.

Interoperable Addiction Treatment Center Software with Many Benefits

Customize your assessments and data collection, get event-triggered notifications, and user-specific work arenas, making the pre-admission screening process much easier.

Access daily monitoring of every patient in your census, identifying any lapse in coverage.

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Speed up payment by tracking all your billable items, appointment schedules, and integrated payment processing, with full reporting and easy- to-use analytics.

Levels of Care

Kipu's ease of use has enabled us to synchronize and integrate nine of our organization's programs that had previously only been able to function independently.
Dawn Silvers
Chief Operating Officer, Center for Family Services