Optimize Collections and Reimbursement

Work smarter to gain control over the whole revenue cycle.

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No More Stress Over Utilization Reviews

Relax, we have your back with our specialized UR planning and management tool. Effortlessly create UR plans, monitor authorizations, and automatically notify case managers for necessary follow-ups. Let us help keep your facility operating at its optimum.

Demystify Insurance Coverage

With our real-time eligibility checks integrated into the Verification of Benefits (VOB) workflow, managing expectations for both patients and the business has never been easier. Accelerate and enhance patient collections with a unified system to manage all your patient billing and collections.

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Simplify Patient Payments

Design patient payment plans that suit your patients’ needs and conveniently accept payments via merchant services and ACH. Generate patient-friendly statements swiftly at any time to provide a clear understanding of paid amounts and outstanding balances.

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Ensure Clean Claims for Hassle-Free Payments

Our real-time eligibility checks, integrated into the VOB workflow, simplify insurance coverage understanding, managing expectations for both patients and the business. Enhance patient collections and speed up the process with a single system to manage all your patient billing and collections.

Smart A/R Management

Intelligently prioritize tasks with actionable reporting and customizable work queues. Our software doesn’t just identify a problem; it pinpoints the exact issue for easy resolution.

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Ready to transform your collections and reimbursement process?

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