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Improve Collections and Reimbursement

Your providers work hard delivering patient care, and your business deserves to collect every dollar that is earned to help more in need. We’re laser-focused on simplifying the billing complexities that go along with the behavioral health and substance-use disorder industry so you can effectively manage your business.

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Streamline Clinical Workflows to Enhance Patient Care

Clinicians love providing patient care but may not love the lengthy documentation that goes along with it. We get that. That’s why we analyzed clinical workflows to find efficiencies that can save time and still produce quality, compliant, and defensible documentation that payers want and patients deserve to have kept.

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Build Strong Patient Loyalty Through Digital Engagement

In an era where the digital experience is paramount, Kipu paves the way for healthcare providers to foster enduring patient loyalty. With our cutting-edge digital engagement solutions, not only can you offer tailored interactions and secure communication, but you also empower patients with seamless access to their health information. Stay engaged beyond the confines of treatment, valuing their journey even post-discharge, and ensure their voice is heard for constant improvement.

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