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Tap into Kipu’s expertise and innovative EMR, CRM, and RCM billing software that amplifies your value and elevates your treatment center to new heights.

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Elevate Care, Enrich Patient Journeys

Your mission is clear: deliver unparalleled and continuous quality patient care to an underserved community. At Kipu, our goal is to enhance and magnify your message to reach those who need it most in your community with our innovative behavioral health software platform. With streamlined admissions, we simplify the process, inviting more people to benefit from your care.

We’re committed to modernizing both the patient and provider experiences, placing emphasis on achieving the most optimal outcomes for every individual. By refining billing and collections, we further ensure your operations are efficient and effective. And we don’t stop there. Drawing from these processes, we furnish you with insights—paving the way for continuous optimization and growth. With Kipu by your side, stay true to your mission, and let’s make a difference together.

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Leverage Data Insights to Manage Your Entire Treatment Facility—and Grow

Gain an immediate understanding of your organization and confidently drive data-informed decisions through intuitive dashboards with clear definitions.

Leverage your historical data to chart a clear path forward with future projections.

Easily craft custom reports for every key business area, including operations, clinical, labs, queues, and financial.

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Attract and Admit Patients with Ease

Provide a supportive patient journey from the first point of contact on a centralized platform to ensure a smooth handoff from admissions to the clinical team.

Efficiently drive growth and manage leads to foster meaningful relationships-whether in-office or on-the-go.

Segment audiences, tailor messages, and automate tasks, seamlessly integrating with top software to optimize campaigns, slash costs, and amplify your facility’s footprint.

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Build Strong Patient Loyalty and Enhance Outcomes

Effortlessly achieve thorough, defensible documentation using customizable templates, saved smart phrases, available artificial intelligence, and timely alerts, while also enhancing compliance, monitoring vitals, and seamlessly integrating billing for uncompromised patient care and efficient revenue management.

Streamline care coordination across treatment episodes through secure team messaging, direct patient-chart communications, and instant notifications on pivotal patient events like medication changes or abnormal vitals, ensuring timely and informed actions.

Revitalize the patient journey with our web and mobile solution, integrating telehealth, intuitive communication, secure two-way messaging, and a centralized portal where patients manage their details, appointments, and treatment plans, fostering deeper engagement and improved recovery outcomes.

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Collect Every Dollar You’ve Earned

Effortlessly centralize and simplify eligibility verification, obtain in-depth coverage details, prioritize vital benefit exceptions, and conduct real-time checks, reducing denied claims and ensuring a seamless patient financial journey.

Gain immediate, tailored insights into your revenue cycle health, with specialized reports for behavioral health businesses, customizable data analysis, and comprehensive snapshots across various time frames, ensuring informed decision-making and optimized operations.

With the rise of patient billables to nearly a quarter of treatment center revenue, our integrated patient billing ensures precise and easy capturing of every earned cent, offering in-app credit card processing, instant generation of clear patient statements, smooth transitions from insurance claims to patient billables, and specialized reports for effortless reconciliation and monitoring.

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Featured Webinar

Industry Report Webinar/eBook – Don’t Get Left Behind in This Competitive Behavioral Health Market!

In a recent survey, we found that 35% of your peers are using patient reimbursement outcomes to negotiate payer reimbursement increases. Want to see the other top survey results? Watch the webinar and check out the eBook!

Learn how we bring payers, providers and patients all together to create better outcomes.


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Developed in a treatment center, our cloud-based solutions were designed specifically to meet the needs of addiction treatment and medical health professionals.

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