Connecting today’s reality with tomorrow’s potential

Kipu is bettering the behavioral health landscape, helping treatment centers achieve the best outcomes and empowering patients and caregivers on every step of the recovery journey.

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A bold vision for the future and the 
expertise to get there

In an environment of rapid change, millions are struggling to cope. Kipu is here to help. Having shaped the industry for 10 years, today we focus on advancing our New Vision for the behavioral health ecosystem, evolving how it operates, interacts, communicates and heals.

A New Vision

Kipu’s New Vision for behavioral health is designed to effectively orchestrate people, processes and data, delivering real value, ensuring clients can operate efficiently and accelerating better patient outcomes.

Innovative technology platform

Kipu’s end-to-end integrated platform provides the expertise, insights and analytics to optimize operations across the care continuum.

Services to keep you ahead

Our last decade of industry-defining inventions have transformed analytics, interoperability, support, performance indicators and more, advancing how the entire ecosystem operates.

Leading industry change

We lead industry change by using data-based insights to help define best practices and advocate for patients across their journeys to recovery.

Dedicated to empowering behavioral health

Carina Edwards Portrait

Carina Edwards

Chief Executive Officer

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Rick Pharr

Chief Operating Officer

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Joan Leroux

Chief Revenue Officer

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Brian Alexander

Chief Financial Officer

Allan Abrams Portrait

Allan Abrams

Chief Information & Security Officer

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Russell Olsen

Chief Product & Technology Officer

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Gina Wagner

Chief People Officer

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Sally Abu-Moustafa

EVP, Product Management

Brian Bell Portrait

Brian Bell

General Counsel and Privacy Officer

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Ben Dittman

SVP, Partnerships

What’s a Kipu?

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From the native South American language of Quechua, a Quipu or Kipu, meaning “talking knots”, is an intricate system of knotted colored strings that store and convey information. Used as a recording device for taxes, censuses, and even military data, the Quipu was very effective as a universal method of communication between groups across the region that spoke different languages, dating as far back as 2600 BCE.

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Inspiring a unified approach

Inspired by the Quipu’s ability to bring multiple groups, cultures and information systems together with a simple yet effective means of communication, Kipu’s solutions are created with the vision of uniting disparate systems and technologies into a unified ecosystem that puts patient outcomes at the center.

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A Better Path to Better Behavioral Healthcare

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