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Effortless Documentation Customized to Your Workflow

Healthcare providers face demanding challenges, and while documentation is crucial for maintaining accurate patient records and proper billing, it is often a time-consuming task. Kipu offers highly-customizable documentation designed to align with your workflow, not the other way around. This enables you to focus on patient care and document at the point-of-care, eliminating after-hours paperwork.

Simplified Treatment Plans for Comprehensive Care

Create customized treatment plans with adaptable content and seamlessly integrate additional documentation from group sessions and evaluations. Providers can quickly link services and actions rendered back to patient goals, problems, and objectives with just a click, saving time and providing a holistic view of the episode of care.

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Seamless Management from Prospective to Discharged Patients

The Kipu platform empowers you to manage the entire patient journey, from collecting vital information on prospective patients to understand benefits, to booking patients (including bed booking based on availability from the EMR), through to discharge and alumni status. With a single platform integrating CRM and EMR, there is no need to re-enter information, enabling you to hit the ground running.

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Enhanced Communication for Coordinated Care

Effective cross-functional communication is key to delivering high-quality care. Kipu facilitates seamless communication among the entire care team, from admissions to providers to billers, and everyone in between. Easily set up configurable notifications and pop-ups in-app, and enable patients and guarantors to communicate electronically with the care team through a secure portal.

Efficient Lab Order Management in One System

Managing lab orders often involves navigating multiple systems, leading to unnecessary complexities. Kipu’s lab integration simplifies this process by allowing you to place orders and receive results directly in the EMR. Save time with required Statements of Medical Necessity, gain insights, expedite results, and better identify patients in need of additional support.

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