What Gender Equality Means to Kipu

Today, on August 26, we celebrate Women’s Equality Day! On this day in 1920, the Constitution’s Nineteenth Amendment, which prevents the states and the federal government from denying individuals the right to vote based on gender, was ratified. We reached out to a few women in our Kipu family to share what gender equality means to them.  Check out their thoughts below!

What does gender equality mean to you?

Joan Leroux Portrait

“For me, gender equality means equal opportunity for financial independence, education, and personal development regardless of gender. It means people are measured without a gender bias; have equal access to programs and paths that can better themselves, their families, and the community; and where gender-based expectations are eliminated.”

Joan Leroux – Chief Revenue Officer
Sally Abu-moustafa Portrait

“To me, gender equality is a human right. It means that ALL people have equal rights, opportunities, and responsibilities. It means people don’t need labels, and certainly shouldn’t have to defend themselves for what they think, feel, believe, or how they were born. As a mom, it makes me sad that we have yet to achieve equality in 2022 and I dream my children will be a part of the generation that does better.”

Sally Abu-moustafa – EVP of Product
Joan Leroux portrait

“What gender equality means to me has changed and morphed over time. In college, I minored in Women’s Studies which was a theoretical, historical, and philosophical understanding of gender equality. The lessons and stories I learned there were certainly informative and useful, but the ones I’ve gained through real life, friendships, family, and through parenting, have given me an empathy and an energy on this topic I never could have imagined.

Gender equality to me means every single human being is worthy of love, belonging, representation, celebration, access, and opportunity in all facets of their lives: work, family, marriage, and relationships, friendships, places of worship, healthcare, as a participant in our economy and as a citizen of this country.”

Joan Leroux – Chief Revenue Officer
Dolores portrait

“My career has given me the opportunity to help shape policies that support gender equality.  This has been a wonderful experience to ensure that women and men who have similar education, experiences, and roles should be paid equally.

Women and men should have equal opportunity as well in society for positions of choice.  If a woman wants to do a role that is not commonly seen in our society to be a woman’s role, if that woman can do the role, she should be offered the opportunity.  And likewise, if a man wants to do a role typically stereotyped to be a women’s role, and the man can do the role, the man should be offered the opportunity to do so.  Today, because of the policies and laws that support equality, it is more acceptable to see a woman in a police role or other role that has been stereotyped to be acceptable for a man, or a man in a nurse position or other roles that have been typically stereotyped for women.  We have come a long way in the United States.  However, there are some countries that do not allow for women to be educated, or still promote a women’s place is in the home.  There is nothing wrong with a woman choosing to be at home, but that should be her choice, not the choice of anyone else.

Regardless of your gender, there should be equal opportunity for everyone.”

Dolores – Chief Human Resources Officer

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