CORAL GABLES, Fla., and DAYTON, Ohio May 30, 2024: Kipu Health, the leading technology partner for mental health and addiction service providers, and OneFifteen, a non-profit addiction treatment program, today announced their partnership to advance comprehensive substance use disorder treatment through technology solutions.

Known for its personalized, evidence-based approach to addiction recovery, OneFifteen is tapping Kipu’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions as part of the treatment center’s holistic care approach. With the ability to track and manage every step of the patient’s journey and streamline the billing process, Kipu’s technology solutions support OneFifteen’s integrated care model, including its patient engagement app. 

“We’re passionate about delivering patient care that’s both high-tech and high touch throughout a patient’s recovery,” said Dr. Natalie Lester, chief medical officer and interim president of OneFifteen. “We look forward to leveraging Kipu’s innovative solutions, so our care team members have greater visibility into their patients’ care and can spark more engagement throughout their journey.”

Kipu’s EMR simplifies workflows throughout the life cycle of a patient on a unified platform that’s easy to use. From patient intake and scheduling to medication management and outcomes reporting, the EMR allows clinical staff to document, monitor and analyze patient care in real time. Additionally, with Kipu’s billing solutions, staff members can create and track claims and payments all in one system. This efficiency reduces errors and increases reimbursement, supporting the long-term sustainability of OneFifteen’s treatment program.

“We’re thrilled to be part of the excellent work OneFifteen is doing to advance addiction treatment,” said Carina Edwards, CEO of Kipu. “Tech-enabled care leads to better outcomes and as communities continue to suffer from growing addiction crises, we have to support our providers and staff on the front lines. By equipping them with the tools and technology they need to deliver efficient, comprehensive care, we’re helping more patients access the help they need and reducing burnout for the providers who treat them.”

OneFifteen uses current best practices for evidence-based care with providers and clinicians continuously evolving their approaches based on the learnings from patient-reported, clinical and claims data. By leveraging Kipu’s EMR and RCM platforms, OneFifteen providers have access to this vital information at their fingertips.

Purpose-built for behavioral health, Kipu’s EMR has more than 135,000 users at more than 4,000 facilities, globally, and manages more than three million patient encounters, making it the most widely implemented EMR in behavioral health.

About Kipu Health

Kipu is the leading enterprise software provider delivering Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions that serve the behavioral health industry. The KipuEMR, a HITRUST certified platform, is a fully configurable electronic health record and integrated billing platform that is the largest and most widely implemented EMR purpose-built for the addiction treatment industry. Used by more than 135,000 users at more than 4,000 facilities, globally, and managing more than 3 million patient encounters, Kipu’s cloud-based platform manages the entire patient life cycle from the very first call through admission, treatment, follow-up and billing. To read the latest news on Kipu, please visit and connect with us on: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn.

About OneFifteen

OneFifteen ( is a non-profit health care ecosystem dedicated to the full and sustained recovery of people living with substance use disorder and the advancement of evidence-based behavioral health treatments for addiction.  Its name is derived from the 115 individuals who died daily from opioid overdoses in the United States in 2016, a number that unfortunately continues to rise. OneFifteen is on a quest to reverse this course. OneFifteen operates a tech-enabled learning health system that offers outpatient, residential and care advocacy services, all on one state-of-the-art campus in Dayton, Ohio. OneFifteen has served over 7,000 individuals on their Dayton campus since opening in late 2019. For more information, please visit


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