The Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC) promotes more than 100,000 addiction counselors, educators, and other healthcare professionals with a focus on addiction in the United States, Canada, and beyond. This year’s conference had nationally recognized speakers, NAADAC and NCC AP leadership, and over a thousand fellow industry experts celebrating their 50th Anniversary.  

This comprehensive six-day learning event featured six keynote discussions, an interesting panel discussion, 60 in-depth breakout sessions spanning 10 topic areas, poster presentations, an exhibit hall, special events, networking opportunities, pre- and post-conference sessions, and more. NAADAC’s Wi-Fi was sponsored by Kipu to help people connect easily to wireless!  

Breakout Session 

Our CEO, Paul Joiner, and Sanford Behavioral Health’s Rae Green and Alec Green presented a breakout session on technology-enabled transformation to enhance treatment and address the addiction crisis.

In 2020, 29.3% (73.8M) of Americans had a mental illness and/or substance abuse. The current challenges in the behavioral health industry are inefficiencies, administrative burdens, and limited visibility of patient data. Sanford Health highlights how crucial it is for behavioral health providers to rely on technology that is incredibly easy for clinicians to use and delivers the reports necessary for operations. 
CRM and EMR solutions are in high demand, but it is essential to find a strong fit for your behavioral health organization. Discover CRM and EMR solutions that integrate seamlessly and are HIPAA compliant. With strong integration,   your organization can benefit from electronic patient charts, modernized provider contracts and payments, real-time visibility into patient feedback, and a better continuum of care.  
Sanford Behavioral Health underscores the necessity of elevating your level of care for your patients, especially at a time when 9.86% of adults are experiencing a mental illness. Enhance your resources, use change management tactics, and learn from hospital implementations to implement EMR best practices. Use this technology to create transparency in payments, integrate payment technology into EMR, and ensure admission data is comprehensive.

Kipu will benefit your patients through a continuum of care, improved communications, an efficient admissions process, and clinician insight that leads to better care decisions. Support your future growth with Kipu. Learn more about our solutions here.


This year was packed with lectures, networking opportunities, professional growth, exhibitions, culture, and community! 115+ nationally recognized speakers, 80+ educational sessions, and 45 clinical experts were available.  

This year’s conference featured training sessions on the following topics: 

  • Practice management 
  • Technology 
  • Co-occurring disorders 
  • Pharmacotherapy & advanced treatment 
  • Clinical skills 
  • Cultural humility 
  • Process addictions 
  • Recovery support 
  • Education/INCASE 
  • Peer recovery 

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