KipuExpo | Top 10 Best Practices for Addiction Treatment Centers

Arthur Palochak discusses the Top 10 Best Practices for Addiction Treatment Centers. These tips to run a better treatment center can go a long way into improving the ways you run your own behavioral health center.

Arthur has served as Fort Behavioral Health’s Chief Operations Officer since January 2020. Prior to joining Fort Behavioral Health, he worked as Vice President of Business Development for a national behavioral health company. He also spent several years as Director of Referral Relations and Director of Marketing for behavioral health care companies in Texas and New Mexico. Arthur has a Bachelor of Business Management degree.

For Arthur, treatment is not just a career but a lifestyle. He feels honored to do this work. Every day, he is inspired by clients’ ability to improve their lives no matter where they are starting out or whether or not they believe recovery is possible. In his free time, Arthur enjoys reading, spending time with his family and being outdoors.

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