Re-introducing Kipu's IMPACT committee

In a world where diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) are not just buzzwords but the pillars of progress, Kipu Health stands as a beacon of intentional change. IMPACT, born from the visionary mind of Kipu Client Success Manager Lydia Pakpahan, is a testament to the power of advocacy, empathy, and collective effort. As we reintroduce IMPACT, let’s dive into their mission, the people we love behind it, and their unwavering dedication to crafting a better tomorrow!

What is DEI&B?

DEI&B stands for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. It’s a lens through which we examine the fabric of our society and workplaces, with a focus on creating environments where all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, identities, or experiences, are welcomed, valued, and empowered to be their most authentic selves. DEI&B is more than just an initiative; it’s a commitment to understanding, growth, and transformation.

The Driving Force: Lydia Pakpahan

Lydia Pakpahan portrait

Lydia Pakpahan, the founder of Kipu’s IMPACT, brings a deeply personal touch to the cause. As an immigrant and the mother of a bi-racial son, Lydia knows the profound importance of creating a world of opportunities and understanding.  Lydia’s experiences of exclusion and limited opportunities fuel her commitment to making a difference, bringing equity, and creating a place of belonging. Lydia’s dedication is destined to create lasting change.

Meet the IMPACT Committee Board

The IMPACT Committee is driven by a group of remarkable individuals, each contributing their unique skills and perspectives. The 2023 board comprises Lydia Pakpahan as Chairperson, Caitlin Cabal as Vice-chairperson, Jessica De La Riva as Sustainability and Accountability Secretary, Daylen Diaz as Accountant, Christine Cabreja, Brian Bell, Deepti Mehtani, and Mario Aguayo as Committee Members, and Dolores Calicchio as Executive Sponsor.

Advocate Groups: Catalysts of Change

The IMPACT Committee is fueled by advocate groups, each with a distinct purpose and role.

  • Community Advocates – Outreach: These advocates focus on bringing equity to the community of our intersections, striving to create connections and foster service through exposure.
  • Awareness Advocates – Cultivating Growth: The Awareness Advocates are dedicated to driving growth and learning. Their efforts revolve around impactful internal and external communications that inform, engage, and motivate the Kipu community.
  • Connection Advocates – Building Bridges: The Connection Advocates shape powerful employee experiences. They collaborate cross-departmentally to plan and execute initiatives that strengthen connections and promote a sense of pride and belonging.

Why Now and Why IMPACT?

IMPACT understands the power of creating change and recognizes that the journey to a truly diverse, equitable, inclusive, and belonging society is ongoing. It isn’t just another initiative; it’s a lifelong commitment etched into Kipu’s DNA. Rooted in a timeless, collaborative effort, the committee strives to be an advocate for DEI&B from the inside out. Storytelling, open conversations, and virtual spaces are paving the ultimate aspiration: a workplace where every voice is valued and where diversity is embraced as a catalyst for growth and innovation inside excellence.

Progress IMPACT Has Made to Date

Throughout the year 2023, our IMPACT committee has achieved remarkable progress. They began to involve department leads in Kipu and foster broader conversations, they aim to usher in transformative change on a grand scale. They began by celebrating Self-Care Month in January and paying tribute to Black History Month in February. March they addressed workplace bias on International Women’s Day with over 40 participants engaging in the discussion. In April, they explored plant parenthood and celebrated diversity within our community. In May, they secured a budget and celebrated APPI Heritage Month while initiating a successful company-wide survey. Mental Health Awareness took center stage in May, and June was dedicated to commemorating Juneteenth and Pride Month.

July brought Virtual Connection Month with weekly challenges and a donation to Victims of Domestic Abuse, Inc. August featured contributions to the Maui Strong Fund and fun events for employees. As we approach September, they’re gearing up for three virtual mentorship panels to wrap up the year. Our IMPACT committee remains dedicated to fostering inclusivity, diversity, and personal growth in our community.

Join the Movement: Your Voice Matters

If this all resonates with you, join us at Kipu! At Kipu, we’re passionate about creating better paths to better patient care. Come be a force to advance behavioral health care in our communities. Inclusion is a shared responsibility; every voice contributes to the collective IMPACT. As Kipu’s IMPACT continues its mission, let us all rally together and become catalysts for positive change. The journey may be challenging, but it is undeniably worthwhile.

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