Introducing Carina Edwards: A new chapter for Kipu

We have some big news! We just announced Carina Edwards as our new CEO, and it’s a game-changer that underscores our commitment to transforming the landscape of mental health and addiction services. With a knack for innovation and a heart for patients, Carina is all set to lead Kipu in making a real difference.

Why Carina? Well, her impressive journey includes being the CEO of Quil, a groundbreaking joint venture between Comcast NBCUniversal and Independence Blue Cross, Edwards demonstrated her ability to drive success by creating novel products and enhancing customer value. Now, at Kipu, she’s on a mission to empower behavioral health providers. It’s all about helping them give top-notch care and expand their reach to meet the growing demand for their services.

Andy Eckert, the Chairman of the Board at Kipu, couldn’t be more thrilled. He’s confident that Carina’s passion for improving lives will take Kipu to new heights. “Her leadership will not only address the growing needs of behavioral health providers,” he says, “but also introduce innovative solutions that revolutionize the patient care journey.”

And Carina? She’s all in. “We have an obligation to make providers’ lives easier,” she says. “so they can deliver the critical treatments patients need at the right time.”

Carina’s not new to the healthcare industry. She’s rocked the boat at Imprivata, Nuance, Zynx Health, and Philips Healthcare, and her efforts have earned her some impressive badges, like “Healthcare CEO Innovator of the Year.” So, what’s the plan? Carina and Kipu are a dream team, teaming up to tackle the mental health industry’s challenges head-on. With Carina’s expertise and Kipu’s dedication, they’re set to redefine behavioral health for the better.

Get ready, because Kipu Health is on the move, and Carina Edwards is leading the charge. It’s a new chapter filled with hope, innovation, and a whole lot of heart. Stay tuned for the exciting journey ahead!

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