Holiday Season Self-care Tips

As the holiday season approaches, the well-being of behavioral health professionals becomes increasingly crucial. Balancing personal and professional responsibilities can often lead to neglecting self-care. This article offers concise and effective self-care tips, focusing on setting boundaries, managing holiday stress, and maintaining healthy routines. Additionally, it emphasizes the role of our software in streamlining self-care practices during this busy time.

Self-care Tips

Setting Boundaries: Clearly define work hours and communicate them to clients and colleagues. Delegate non-urgent tasks to your team to create time for personal recharge and relaxation.

Coping with Holiday Stress: Prioritize stress management through mindfulness, regular exercise, and engaging in activities that bring you joy. Encourage clients to adopt similar practices to manage their own stress levels.

Maintaining Healthy Routines: Ensure adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, and hydration. Establish a consistent sleep schedule and promote nutritious eating habits. Stress the importance of staying hydrated for overall well-being.

Utilizing Our Software for Enhanced Self-care: Our software facilitates the tracking and enhancement of self-care practices. Utilize its features for setting reminders, accessing meditation sessions, and monitoring your progress.

Here is how some of our clients navigate through self-care:

“First things first, you should never take work home, being in this field of work is mentally challenging. Dealing with different people’s personalities including your own, can be overwhelming at times and when that happens, I just step back and regroup. Practicing that at work makes things at home a lot easier, especially with a husband, three kids, 12 grandbabies, and a dog. Life can get pretty crazy at times.

As far as self-care that’s an area where I struggle at. I’m learning how to say no when asked to work over or extra days. The most important self-care for me is to go to the salon and get my nails done and of course, keep the hair looking cute.” – Delores Hall, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist at Pinnacle Treatment Services of Roanoke

“The realization that time waits for no one has been a significant lesson for me. As a result, I prioritize the importance of personal care and well-being not only for myself but also for my team. Acknowledging the value of self-care, I make a conscious effort to allocate time for activities that nourish my physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Furthermore, I am dedicated to fostering a culture within my team that encourages and supports personal care practices. I firmly believe that when individuals take care of themselves, they are better equipped to perform at their best both personally and professionally.

By promoting a healthy work-life balance and advocating for self-care, I aim to create an environment where team members feel empowered to prioritize their well-being without guilt or hesitation. Recognizing the significance of this balance contributes to the overall success and happiness of individuals, enabling them to thrive both within the workplace and in their personal lives.” – Abby Asquith, Director of Utilization Management at Granite Recovery Centers

“Throughout my career, I have learned everyone has some battles to face. It is always better to deal with battles with support than alone. We are all the same with this, regardless of our income status, race, or religion. Mental health and drug addiction do not discriminate. It can affect everyone. It destroys lives and kills all the same. I continue to keep myself self-educated with the newest skills and education to be able to provide the best care I took an oath to do.    I have not one day felt this is a “job”. When I am not with my patients you can often find me spending time with my family. A few years back I became the director of Nursing, and my family has been more than patient with me as I may answer a call in the middle of dinner or have to pick up and go to a crisis. 

Some things I have recently done for myself. 1) made the commitment to go to church for my support. 2) Joined the gym. 3) Brought my bicycle back out. 4) Committed at least once a month to meet up with a friend.  5) We can’t forget to get the nails and toes done!” – Tammy D’Aquila, RN, Director of Nursing at Behavioral Health Centers

Remember, self-care is not a luxury but a necessity, especially during the demanding holiday season. Prioritize your well-being to continue providing effective support to your clients with resilience and compassion.

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