Day 3: Self-care Stories Series

Welcome back to the third day of our self-care story series. Yesterday, Gregory Roselle, Content Manager, and Gabby Cohen, Social Media Manager, from Recovery Unplugged spoke about their self-care practices and the value of holding your teammates accountable for respecting boundaries. Since we have gone outside of Kipu to ask about how our clients self-care, I am sure you are wondering how our Kipunians tackle burnout as well. Here are some quotes from our employees! 

Kipunians and How They Self-care

What does your self-care routine look like?

“Exercise, driving, music, audiobooks, tv with my daughter, reading with my daughter, singing with my daughter” - Timothy Joseph Sparks, Information Security Manager

“Daily walks with my husband and dog, watching videos or reading articles on positive topics” - Carolina Carvajalino, Client Support Team Lead- EMR

“Getting enough sleep, exercising, taking time to be with the people I love, and taking time for hobbies/activities I enjoy.” - Casey Aldridge, Talent Acquisition Manager

What are the small things that get you through your day?

“My coworkers and meditating” - Albert Martinez, Inside Sales Rep

“First Cup of Coffee, GIFs, team meeting segues” - Daylen Diaz, Product Support Analyst Team Lead

“Facetiming my nieces, watching my pets fall asleep next to me while I work, my group chats with my coworkers, and watching my favorite movies.” - Ashley Moreno, Billing Client Support Specialist

What part of your daily routine was a game changer for your mental health?

“Taking a little time to appreciate nature: the trees and critters in my neighborhood” - Randy Parker, Senior Software Developer

“Daily gratitude - taking a moment each morning and each night to list five things I’m grateful for. Sometimes that might just be my antidepressants, my therapist, or that a long day is finally over. But more often than not, it helps me look past the challenges to see the things that make life wonderful.” - Kelsey Richardson, Billing Implementation Specialist

“Waking up earlier to have enough time to start my morning/day, without feeling rushed. It helped to start my workday feeling fresh and renewed.” - Caitlin Cabal, Product Owner - CRM

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