Day 1: Self-care Stories Series

Burnout is a complicated problem brought on by ongoing workplace stress. It includes feelings of inefficacy, depersonalization, and exhaustion. Burnout affects a person’s ability to work with clients and within an organization, as well as having physical and emotional ramifications. It’s essential to address burnout and promote self-care in your organization. We have interviewed a few individuals in the Behavioral Health space to share how they remain resilient and challenge burnout with the power of self-care. For this self-care story, Alyssa Shapper, the National Director of Digital Marketing from Banyan Treatment Centers, discusses how her team addresses burnout. 

Building Resilience in the Workplace

Alyssa Shapper portrait
Alyssa Shapper
National Director of Digital Marketing
Banyan Treatment Centers

How do you or your team members address burnout?

Banyan believes in continued communication from staff to leaders. By knowing how your employees are doing, we can potentially stop burnout before it begins. If we do feel that an employee or team member may be struggling with burnout, Banyan offers EAP services to assist with the specific issue at hand. 

Are there any resources or tips you share to prevent burnout?

Communication is key. Leadership needs to take the time out to check in with their staff daily. By asking these simple five words, “how are you doing today?”, can change the tone of someone’s entire day. 

 What does self-care mean to you and your team?

Working in the behavioral healthcare field, self-care is extremely important to us, because we have seen too many times what happens when it is not upheld. We believe self-care means protecting your well-being and happiness, whether that be physical, mental, or spiritual.  We support that in the environment we create for our staff. 

How do you or your team self-care?

Banyan encourages their staff to celebrate small and large victories at work to keep a positive mindset and self-image. We also encourage our team members to make time for themselves after work and to follow their passions. We offer spiritual services in our programming, and staff has been known to reach out to our Chaplain to have him pray with them or for them. At our Pompano Beach, FL location, we even have a prayer room on campus that is open to staff and patients who want to use it. 

What have you implemented in your life that has been a game changer for your mental health?

I personally make sure to take daily inventory of how I am doing, and what is currently on my plate. Life can get hectic sometimes, but it is up to YOU to control how you feel about a situation and how it affects you. It is important to learn how to decline and say no if your plate is too full. I believe in giving 100% of myself in everything I do, and if I do not feel that I can do that, I will reconsider accepting certain responsibilities. This by far has been a game changer for my personal mental health.

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