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The KipuEMR will serve Monte Nido & Affiliates, including Monte Nido, Oliver-Pyatt Centers and Clementine programs

MIAMI, FL, June 16, 2020 – Miami’s Monte Nido & Affiliates, one of the nation’s leading providers in the treatment of eating disorders, has selected Kipu as their software partner and is currently rolling out the KipuEMR to their Monte Nido, Oliver-Pyatt Centers and Clementine programs in California, Massachusetts, Florida, Virginia, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Oregon, Texas and Pennsylvania. Monte Nido & Affiliates provides comprehensive residential and day treatment programs for people with eating and co-occurring disorders.

“We’re honored to be the technology partner for the Monte Nido & Affiliates’ network of treatment centers,” said Jeffrey Fiorentino, CEO of KipuHealth. “Monte Nido & Affiliates are on the front line in the fight against the challenges of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder and Exercise Dependency. They are battling a silent yet pervasive, and potentially deadly, disease. We want to be there with them.”

“Monte Nido & Affiliates’ centers needed a platform that could accommodate their very specific treatment needs – and it had to have the ability to scale as they grew,” said Fiorentino. “The KipuEMR was the perfect platform for them. We were able to quickly begin implementing the KipuEMR and staff was able to begin using it immediately.”

“After a lengthy RFP selection process, Kipu became our clear choice. We expect to see benefits from this new technology partnership immediately. We recognized that Kipu offers the necessary tools and support to eliminate manual work, track and document episodes of care, achieve full compliance, and measure outcomes to help us provide treatment.” said Candance Henderson, MS, Monte Nido & Affiliates CEO.

“We understand the challenges that face today’s treatment facilities,” said Fiorentino. “Every day, we see folks struggling – rather, fighting – with their software. With the power and efficiencies that we’ve built into the KipuEMR, we know that our technology will help deliver better care. Clinicians and therapists will spend less time struggling with software and more quality time with their patients.”

About KipuHealth Designed specifically for—and within—the treatment community, KipuEMR is the largest and most widely implemented EMR for Substance Use Disorder, Eating Disorders, Autism and Behavioral Health worldwide. Used by over 1,600 treatment facilities and 70,000 users daily, having handled in excess of 700,000 episodes of care. For more information, visit

About Monte Nido & Affiliates Monte Nido & Affiliates is one of the country’s leading eating disorder treatment providers, offering residential and day treatment programs for eating disorders. Founded in 1996, Monte Nido & Affiliates operates 25 facilities in ten states, with residential programs being Joint Commission accredited. Monte Nido & Affiliates includes three distinct eating disorder treatment brands: Monte Nido, Oliver-Pyatt Centers and Clementine.

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