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New marketplace fosters interoperability and informs better patient care decisions

CORAL GABLES, Fla – December 1, 2022Kipu Health, the technology partner for mental health and addiction service providers, today announced the launch of the Kipu Marketplace, connecting approved third-party technology solutions to its behavioral health Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform.

Kipu’s marketplace is delivered through its integration platform, the Kipu Consolidated Integrations (KCI). KCI enables technology providers to effectively communicate and transfer data with nearly any external healthcare system. With its agnostic connection capabilities, end-user providers can use a single platform to manage their complete technology suite.

“The Kipu Marketplace is a project near and dear to me because it truly creates the interoperability we need in behavioral healthcare to better treat patients,” said Paul Joiner, Kipu’s CEO. “By serving as a convener of technology solutions, we’re empowering providers with the data, communication and insights they need to deliver the full continuum of excellent patient care.”

The KCI eliminates the redundancy of manual entry into multiple systems and mitigates errors through seamless data transmission. Through these integrations, Kipu clients can pick from and leverage the best offerings for healthcare professionals to treat patients better and run their organizations.  

“Interoperability is at the center of delivering quality patient care,” said Srini Chillara, Kipu’s chief technology officer. “We want our clients to have a one-stop experience to reduce data entry and access solutions they need at their fingertips. By integrating trusted solutions with the Kipu EMR, we’re simplifying the entire care journey through an ecosystem where data can be securely and efficiently transmitted.”

Kipu’s marketplace will include a variety of technology solutions ranging from supply management solutions, marketing platforms, automated pharmacy and nutritional programs to virtual care platforms, such as Mindfuli.

“We’re excited to be a part of advancing behavioral health care by joining Kipu’s marketplace with our Continuing Care Virtual Therapy platform,” said Christof Meyer, head of strategy at Mindfuli. “Mindfuli is leading the way in finding new strategies to use data to develop strong therapeutic alliances. Having everything in Kipu helps us understand what it takes to form deep relationships that lead to good outcomes. Client transformation is our North Star and we believe change should be real, durable, and measurable, but data is only useful if it helps to transform lives – a value we share with Kipu.”

Vendors interested in participating in the marketplace are welcome to apply at

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Kipu is the leading enterprise software provider delivering Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions that serve the behavioral health industry. The Kipu EMR is a fully configurable electronic health record and integrated billing platform that is the largest and most widely implemented EMR purpose-built for the addiction treatment industry. Used by more than 80,000 users at more than 1,600 facilities, globally, Kipu’s cloud-based platform manages the entire patient life cycle from the very first call through admission, treatment, follow-up and billing. To read the latest news on Kipu, please visit and connect with us on: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram.

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